Introduction of ZYPEEK

PEEK is a kind of semicrystalline aromatic polymer and its main chain of macromole is consist of aryl, ketone, and ether. PEEK has the properties of heat resistance, chemical stability as thermosetting plastics, and good processability as thermoplastics. At present, PEEK has been acknowledged as the best performance polymer material.


Characteristics of ZYPEEK

PEEK-P (Pure Resin Powder): It has original performance of PEEK, can be used as raw material for compounding and injecting finished products.

PEEK PF (Pure Resin Fine Powder): This material has been achieved through a specific milling by raw power (D50=75μm~D50=22μm), it can be used as raw material for precision moulded parts and coating material.


PEEK-G(Pure Resin Granules): Good toughness and impact resistance. It can be disinfected using steam, ethyl alcohol and Y rays, etc. It has been widely used in medical, pharmaceutical and food processing industry.


PEEK-GL (Glass Fiber Reinforced):Plastic reinforced with glass fiber, which shows an extraordinary rigidity, creep resistance and dimensional stability. It can sustain constant load for a long time under high temperature. It is a perfect material to be used in structural parts.


PEEK-CA (Carbon Fiber Reinforced):The carbon fiber reinforced plastic shows excellent elastic modulus, mechanical strength and creep resistance and wear resistance.


PEEK-FC(Friction & Wear Resistant): It is a compound filled with PTFE, graphite and carbon fiber . It is the ideal material that can be used in the friction range, low coefficient of friction, wear resistance and high pressure limitation.




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