Jilin Zhongyan High Performance Plastic Co., Ltd

Jilin Zhongyan High Performance Plastic Co., Ltd.

Jilin Zhongyan High Performance Plastic Co., Ltd. was established in 2006 and listed on the NEEQ, better known as the New Third Board in 2015 with its short stock name of Zhongyan Gaosu and stock code of 835017. The registered capital is 71.335 million RMB. The company, located in Luyuan Economic Development Zone of Changchun city,Jilin Province, China, covers an area of 27103 m2. Our current annual capacity is 1000 ton of PEEK resin. It is a modern high-tech enterprise integrated in PEEK R&D, manufacture and marketing.

Zhongyan mainly adopts the method of high temperature nucleophilic substitution reaction for PEEK raw material preparation. With hydroquinone and 4,4′-Difluoro diphenylmethanone as the basic material, the high boiling inert solvent and our own R&D formulation of catalyst, the high performance PEEK resin is ultimately prepared by high-temperature polycondensation reaction.


Zhongyan polyetheretherketone (PEEK) resin is made into pure fine PEEK powder seires of different particle size by air current eddy pulverization process; into ultra-pure PEEK granules by column-type multilayer sieve ultramicro filtration; into various modified composite products by compounding and modifying with high temperature resistant structural material and electrical insulating material.

Jilin Zhongyan High Performance Plastic Co., Ltd.

Zhongyan is the one who could manipulate 5000L vessel for PEEK polymerization production except Victrex of UK, achieving capacity up to 1000 tons (annually 300 production days calculated), which effectively guarantees quality stability and consistency, purity and color constancy of PEEK products.

Zhongyan has a professional technical management team, technical staff account for 40% of the total number of employees.

The construction of R&D center laboratory is according to the international standard which equipped with high-end equipments, improved Zhongyan test and analysis ability. Until now, Zhongyan have been accomplished 7 main research and development fields: PEEK synthesis process optimization, wear-resistant PEEK , colored  PEEK,  antistatic PEEK, spraying-oriented PEEK, high performance modified  PEEK, sealing-oriented PEEK.We will dedicated to provide relevant professional technical service to meet customer requirements, quality PEEK materials, applications and the support of the processing technology.

Jilin Zhongyan High Performance Plastic Co., Ltd.

Zhongyan company has successfully developed series of polyetheretherketone products--FD-PEEK through independent technological innovation, breaking Victrex’s global monopoly more than 30 years on polyetheretherketone products.

In 2011, zhongyan realized PEEK industrialization, promoting the annual capacity of 1000 tons. For access to international market, Zhonyan obtained 7 most authoritative international certificates: 3 ones of U.S. FDA to certify if the new material is toxic or harmful for food and drug industry; U.S. UL, a safety sign for our products to enter into American market; US FAR FAR25.853 aircraft material fire retardant test, the certification stipulated by US Aviation Administraion Regulations for cabin and cargo compartment interiors, and aircraft material flammability. The others are EU REACH Pre-registration and ROHS Directive. Thereinto, EU REACH Pre-registration, as safety sign to enter into EU, is the regulation on Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals; EU ROHS Ditective, the mandatory standard enacted by EU legislation, is on the restriction of the use of certain hazardous material and process in the manufacture of various types of electronic and electrical equipment.

Jilin Zhongyan High Performance Plastic Co., Ltd.

Passed 7 international certifications, Zhongyan is the one who gets the most professionally international certificates in the industry of PEEK manufacture in China.

There’re two series of our FD-PEEK products: pure resin and composites. Pure resin series include coarse powder(P), fine powder(PF), ultrapure granules(G). Composites include: carbon fibre reinforced granules (CA), glass fiber reinforced granules (GL), and friction & wear resistant granules(FC). Six series cover   almost 60 specifications. According to flow from low to high, our products are divided into 770, 550 and 330 grades.

After years of R&D, and production tests, the current domestic market share of our polyether ether ketone (FD-PEEK) series of products is about 50%. Through the market practice, the products obtained high recognition in the process of user experiments. Zhongyan optimized synthesis process route, reduced the production cost and rapidly improved product quality to cater to brand-new and stable PEEK product market. The highlights and orientations of R&D, manufacture and marketing for FD-PEEK pure ultrafine powder and composites are: auto parts or accessories in automobile transportation sector; centralizers, high-strength seals, or air conditioning precision components in petroleum machinery sector; precision components for smart phones in electronic sector and low-end valves in machinery manufacturing sector, etc.

Jilin Zhongyan High Performance Plastic Co., Ltd.

During the process of our R&D and production practice over the years, Zhongyan won the honors of such as Jilin High and New Technology Enterprise, Jilin Enterprise Technical Center as well as 2 international patents and 3 national patents through the untiring efforts of R&D technical team in the environment of initiative exploitation and innovative R&D. Zhongyan has got successful experience of polyetheretherketone production industrialization to ensure consistent high quality and stability of our products.

Our 1000 tonne FD-PEEK Industrialized Project has been passed science and technology achievement appraisal by China High-tech Industrialization Association in Apr. 27th, 2015.

Zhongyan series of PEEK products, high quality and keen price, not only promote the development of polyetheretherketone industry at home and abroad, also can promote healthy competition in special plastic industry. Zhongyan will vigorously develop the international market. So far, We’ve reached intention of cooperation with more than a hundred foreign companies, and have been experimenting to R&D new material products. It will make our products widely apply for automotive, nuclear Engineering, aerospace, electronic, medical and other sectors, meanwhile, break through the original application in domestic mechanical product area. Our high pure PEEK products have ended Victrex’s more than 30 years of monopoly in domestic and international high-end market, officially opening a new era of the domestic polyetheretherketone for global product application.

Jilin Zhongyan High Performance Plastic Co., Ltd.

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